About KOREA MOT 대학원 소개 We are the Frontiers of Liberty, Justice and Truth


  • 01 산업현장 밀착 실천형 기술경영 인력
  • 02 최신 이론을 습득한 기술경영학 분야 석학
  • 03 국제적 감각과 역량을 겸비한 글로벌 기술경영 인력
  • 04 기업의 혁신성장을 주도하는 융합기술 사업화 전문 인력
  • 국가가 원하는 인재상

    • 숙련된 R&D 전문성을 갖춘 인재
    • 차세대 성장동력이 될 수 있는 인재
  • 해외우수 대학 인재상

    • Versatillty&Technlcally Broad
    • Effectiveness in Team Operation
    • World-Class Intelligence
  • 기업이 원하는 인재상

    • 창조적이고 유연한 사고
    • 경영과 공학의 통합적 역량보유
    • 실무형 기술경영 능력
    • 국제 감각과 능력 함양
  • 기술경영 학문기반
  • 기술 실무형 능력
  • 국제적 감각 함양
  • 신사업 개발 능력

국방을 포함한 산업 전 분야의 현직 종사자 및 전일제 연구원 모두 기술경영전문대학원에 지원 가능

Talented Human Resource

KOREA MOT aims to nurture and educate professional CEO, CGO and CTO candidates who are prepared to apply practical knowledge in their fields with the capability of developing new industries and growth engines as well as commercializing developed technologies. Also, KOREA MOT generates academic scholars versed in cutting-edge technology management theories.

  • Governments are seeking

    • Individuals with sophisticated R&D expertise
    • Individuals with the potential to develop the next generation's growth engines
  • Top global universities are considering for acceptance

    • Versatillty&Technlcally Broad
    • Effectiveness in Team Operation
    • World-Class Intelligence
  • Corporations are looking to employ

    • Individuals with creative and flexible thinking
    • Individuals with comperhensive competencies in business and engineering
    • Individuals with practical technology management application capabilities
    • Individuals with global understanding and apabilities
  • Equipped with a deep understanding of technology management
  • Capable of applying practical knowledge in corporate settings
  • Able to thrive globally
  • Prepared for developing new industries

Current professionals in all fields including defense industries, as well as full-time researchers, are eligible to apply to the Graduate School of Management of Technology